In Beesbeez you can find a wide variety of pillows, made from the best materials, at the best wholesale price. Find comfortable synthetic feather pillows, cotton, polyester or memory foam pillows that adapt to the shape of the head, providing maximum comfort, as well as being hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

     There are pillows of different sizes and shapes, filled with natural or synthetic materials, soft or firm. Pillows are a companion that you cannot miss at bedtime since they not only provide comfort, but can also help you avoid pain and tension.

Memory Foam Pillows
     Pillows made from memory foam are especially good at relieving chronic neck pain. Memory foam, or viscoelastic polyurethane foam, contours to your body offering both soft comfort and healthy support.
There are a variety of memory foam pillows on the market. Some contain shredded memory foam while others are a solid block of foam in the shape of a pillow. You can also find memory foam wedge pillows, which are recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux.

Feather Pillows

     Feather pillows are often confused with down pillows, and although both contain feathers, they are two different things. The feathers used to make a feather pillow usually come from the wings and backs of ducks and geese, whereas down comes from the bellies of these birds. Typically, feather pillows hold their shape and last longer than down pillows, which tend to flatten out rather quickly. Both feather and down pillows are cushioning and plush.

Body Pillows
     Sleeping with a body pillow has many benefits, and is often recommended for side sleepers. As the name suggests, body pillows are about the same size as your body. When you sleep with a body pillow, it helps distribute your weight more evenly, reduce snoring, and alleviate back pain. Body pillows are also great for pregnant women and side sleepers because they help balance the back and stomach and promote healthier spinal alignment.
     At Beesbeez you can find certified Mexican manufacturers who make pillows that are high quality, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, and provide maximum comfort for proper rest. We have Mexican suppliers that are leaders in design and manufacturing of pillows. Find all kinds of bedding products, both for the home and hotels, all at the best wholesale price as it is a direct deal, with no intermediaries. Your money is safe with us through a guided and transparent purchase process through Escrow. Our manufacturers also provide the option to custom design products. If you need to customize a hotel project,  Beesbeez is your best option. Here you can find certified Mexican manufacturers, who use the best materials and quality manufacturing, and who adapt to your needs, and required delivery time. We are your best choice for wholesale importation of high quality pillows, at a fair price. We accompany you throughout the process for a safe and satisfactory purchase. The wholesale export of Mexican bedding has never been so simple. We insure your investment. The purchase process developed by Beesbeez gives you the peace of mind of buying safely.
If you have a hotel project, contact one of our suppliers and customize your wholesale item. For hotels and custom brands, you will find various options for printing, embroidery, weaving, packaging, etc. to get a unique product. Our manufacturers are leaders in the bedding market and have the capacity to supply whatever you need in a timely manner. We accompany you throughout the process for a safe and satisfactory purchase.
Pillows have two main functions, to support your upper neck and back, and to be comfortable. Your spine has a natural curve and buying a pillow that is too tall or too short, too firm or too soft, can lead to recurring aches and pains.
Sleep specialists recommend that people who sleep on their back and stomach buy thinner, softer pillows; however, because side sleepers have a bigger gap between their head and the mattress, thicker pillow are better suited for them. Side sleepers are also best suited with firmer pillows, too, because they prevent the neck from sinking unnaturally in to the pillow.

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