At Beesbeez we have a wide variety of reliable and certified Mexican producers, who are specialized in the production of high altitude coffee, specialty coffees, and various products derived from coffee, which can all be purchased wholesale in various presentations and volumes. At Beesbeez we have coffees for every type of palate; coffees with different aromas, from sweet and chocolaty, to very intense, and with lower acidity or with notes of citrus.

    At Beesbeez you can find a wide variety of producers of specialty coffee, high altitude coffee, and other products derived from coffee in various large and medium-volume presentations. You can import the products found in our catalog safely and confidently as the entire purchase process is a guide that guarantees your purchase and supports you in all your transactions. In our catalog, you will find Mexican coffee producers with Kosher, Pareve, Organic, and Halal certifications, as well as FDA registration.
    We work hand in hand with certified and flexible producers, who are experienced in the food market, and who can adapt to your packaging or presentation needs. And all at the best price as it is a direct deal, without intermediaries. The producers we work with have specialty coffees from areas such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Puebla as well as coffee varieties from Colombia and Costa Rica. Our strategic alliances with small, medium, and large Mexican producers allow us to connect wholesale buyers in an easy and simplified process, optimizing delivery times.
    The producers that are part of the Beesbeez directory import specialty coffees, high altitude coffees, and the best products derived from coffee from the coffee regions with the highest production and prestige in Mexico, for example:
High-altitude coffee beans. We have exclusive varieties of specialty coffee beans, for example, our exclusive selection of the Costa Rican coffee variety, which is harvested at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level and is processed in an artisanal way, and has citrus notes.
Chocolaty coffee. You can also buy ground coffee or whole beans with a sweet aroma, with hazelnut, cocoa, and chocolaty blends.
Specialty Veracruz coffee. It is found in different roasts (medium and intense) and ready to drink in natural cold brew coffee. The Veracruz specialty coffee from the Corahe en Totutla Farm is the result of a careful natural process and subsequent dehydration in a controlled manner by coffee growers.
Oaxacan specialty coffee. It is found in different roasts (medium and intense) and ready to drink in natural cold brew coffee. We also have Pluma Hidalgo coffees, grown in the mountainous areas of Oaxaca, which have an extraordinary spicy flavor and light body; Garnica, which was developed in Veracruz through the combining of the Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties.
Chiapas specialty coffee.
It is found in different roasts (medium and intense) and ready to drink in natural cold brew coffee. The species that is cultivated in Chiapas is Arabic Coffee, which among the different types of coffee, is very popular among lovers of the aromatic drink. You can also import the Bourbón variety, which is mainly grown in the upper zone of Chiapas. It is very adaptable to different altitudes and is wind-resistant.
Barizzimo Cold Brew Coffee.
It is a cold-brewed coffee, ideal for any time of the day. The most important difference compared to hot-brewed coffees is that through the slow brewing process, between 16 and 20 hours, you obtain up to two times more caffeine and less acidity. In addition, during its extraction, the flavors of the freshly roasted beans are carefully preserved.
    Importation is no longer an obstacle to acquiring wholesale specialty coffee, at a good price. We connect you directly with certified Mexican producers, without using intermediaries. Beesbeez takes you by the hand in the process and provides security to your investment.

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