At Beesbeez we work with Mexican producers who manufacture a large number of natural sweeteners and sugars of different types. We have manufacturers with Kosher, Pareve, Organic, and Halal certifications, as well as FDA registration. In addition, their production capacity is adequate for importing whatever volume you need. Beesbeez is your best option for importing high-quality Mexican sweeteners at a competitive price, as it is a direct deal, with no intermediaries.

At Beesbeez you can find certified and flexible Mexican producers of natural sweeteners and sugars, who are experienced in the market. Our strategic alliances with small, medium, and large Mexican producers allow us to connect wholesale and semi-wholesale buyers in an easy and simplified process, optimizing delivery times. We have manufacturers with Kosher, Pareve, Organic, and Halal certifications, as well as FDA registration.

Among the sweeteners and sugars that you can find at Beesbeez, you will find natural, organic, and processed products, in various sizes and presentations. We have options that adapt to your needs. Among what we offer you can find agave nectar, honey, maple-flavored agave syrup, concentrated fruit extracts, dehydrated fruit, stevia, honey, coconut sugar, agave or carob nectar, brown sugar, refined sugar, muscovado sugar, icing sugar, agave syrup, coconut sugar, among many other options such as zero-calorie sweeteners and some naturopathic and vegan options. Sweeteners can be used to make desserts, beverages, pastries, juices, desserts, jams, jellies, and in the production of dairy and processed products. Some of the uses and benefits are the following:

Honey: Honey is a natural and very healthy alternative to sugar. It contains fructose, glucose, and a little sucrose, while sugar is pure sucrose. Honey is rich in antioxidants that protect the heart and has properties that enhance memory. It has also traditionally been used as a natural remedy for colds and coughs.

Coconut sugar: It is obtained by heating the fresh juice of the coconut flower. It tastes like caramel and is pleasant to the palate. Its mineral content is relatively high.

Stevia: You can use it wherever you would add sugar, such as in coffee, milk, or yogurt, among others, and as an ingredient for pastry recipes such as custards, cakes, muffins, or sugar-free cookies. It is one of the best-known and most widespread natural sweeteners among those who have already eliminated sugar from their daily diet. It can also be used to sweeten infusions and other beverages.

Natural fructose: It is known for being sweeter than white or refined sugar and only has 4 calories per gram.

Agave syrup: This product is obtained from the blue agave or maguey plant. In addition to its sweetness, it is known for not raising blood sugar levels and for its ability to regulate intestinal flora.

Muscovado sugar: Also known as brown sugar, it is made from sugar cane, but it does not go through a refining process like white sugar, so its nutrients are preserved in the final product. As it has minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, its consumption is considered healthier than refined sugar.

Monk fruit: It is a fruit native to southern China; the sweetener is obtained from its juice. Its sweetness is 150 to 200 times greater than that of sugar and it does not c calories. Therefore, it is used in very small quantities.

We have a large variety of presentations that fit your needs. At Beesbeez you can find sweeteners packaged in plastic or glass, in medium and large volumes of individual packets, in sacks, among many other alternatives. You can import medium and large volumes and choose from the different presentations offered by our Mexican manufacturers. If you need to customize the packaging, place your logo, or select a presentation, contact the seller to request a quote and customize your item.

We put everything you need at your disposal to ensure that your import of sweeteners is a success. We supply ingredients to professionals in the food industry through our system, which has been proven to be efficient by the experience of our best export specialists. There are no intermediaries. At Beesbeez we protect your investment. We accompany you throughout the process for a safe and satisfactory purchase.

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