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Gluten-Free blend
Dairy-Free Sugar-free.
Pancake flour with monk fruit. Made with almond and coconut flour.
Simple, real & natural.
We use only natural ingredients.
No preservatives, no industrial processes.
Vegan product.

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At Morama we offer healthy products using only all-natural and healthy ingredients of the highest quality.

With these products, we want to offer the world alternatives that are healthy and also delicious. As always, we make our products with our secret ingredient: love!

Pancake flour with monk fruit. Made with almond and coconut flour.
Special for preparing pancakes and adaptable for muffins and waffles.
Ideal for ketogenic diet and easy to prepare serving 5 portions per bag.
All natural ingredients promote easy digestion.
Gluten free.
Adaptable recipe depending on the substance you want, vary the amount of eggs.
With only 5 ingredients.
It provides 0.05 oz (1.7 g) net carbs and 0.29 oz (8.3 g) of protein per pancake.
Free of preservatives.
Dairy free.

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