Roasted Jaltenango Chiapas Coffee 8.8oz (1/4kg)

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1,728 pieces (1 pallet)

The coffee is roasted before shipping. Metallized and thermo-sealed bags.

Region: JALTENANGO (Ángel Albino Corzo) Chiapas.
Variety: 100% ARABICA (Typica Arabic and Mundo Novo)
Height: 4,700 feet MSL
Method: Washing
Roast: Medium
Sweetness: High
Acidity: Balanced
Body: Strong
Aroma: Nuts and spices.
Fragrance: Chocolate and spices.
Taste: Sweet with creamy texture


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Roasted Jaltenango Chiapas Coffee 8.8oz (1/4kg)

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