Milenium Essentials Protector de Colchón Impermeable / Matrimonial

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Pedido Mínimo: 20 piezas

Protector de Colchón:
Tela: 100% Poliéster Microfibra 70 gsm.
Relleno: 55 gsm.
Forro: Non Woven Impermeable.
Construcción: ultrasonic



Blancos Milenium is a family owned professionally managed manufacturer, importer and exporter of fabrics, bed linens, pillows, mattress pads, sheet sets, among other products has been enjoying a leading position in the market of its kind for last several years.

Located in Mexico City Blancos Milenium runs a state-of-the-art factory, R&D center and design department to turn out the best quality products within the shortest possible time. 

With almost 2 decades of experience in the field, Blancos Milenium is a strong company that gives great emphasis to the design aspect of our products to cater the market needs. In addition to highly talented team of collaborators all around the supply chain.

Thanks to our strategic alliances all around the world, Blancos Milenium is always looking for ways to innovate, applying new and different technologies to our industry at the best price possible, matching each client reality.

Today Blancos Milenium is a renewed supplier in the Mexican market, with the most modern infrastructure, and a steady grown plan with the acquisition of more than 90,000 square fit for a new facility that’s going to be ready at the end of 2017, and the addition of new machinery, that direct factory and warehouse space makes Blancos Milenium capable of suppling huge volume of products at a very short notice.

La tecnología Skin System exclusiva iguala las propiedades de transpiración e impermeabilidad de la piel, brindándote así la máxima protección y transpirabilidad, para alargar la vida del colchón.

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Protector de colchón

Milenium Essentials Protector de Colchón Impermeable / Matrimonial

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