Secure Payment

Risk-free transactions


Backed by banking institutions in Mexico and the United States


Your orders will arrive on time according to the conditions agreed upon with the supplier


You will receive the products with the agreed quality

Secure Payment Guarantee

Receive your purchases

We make sure that you receive your purchases within the agreed time and delivery conditions.

Release your payment

Once the process is completed, the payment is released to your seller.


In the rare event that the product's quality or shipment's date differ from what was agreed upon, we will offer you assistance in order to achieve a satisfactory result, including a refund.

Bees for bees gives you the best service

Simple & accessible processes

Importers and exporters can monitor the entire transaction online, including negotiating shipping terms and processing payment.

Currency conversion options

You can choose whether you want to receive payments in dollars or convert them to local currency.

Security throughout the process

Our payment system, supported by our alliance with international institutions, ensures that all transactions are successful and received in a timely manner. Our executives are here to help you track and monitor funds constantly and efficiently.

Banking alliances

Through our alliance with Mexican banks and credit institutions in the United States and Canada, both parties can have the peace of mind that the funds are in recognized institutions.

Steps to Follow


Confirm the order


Receive the advance payment in a banking institution


Finish production and receive final payment


Ship order


Confirm delivery, agreed conditions & timing


Release payment to supplier

Tracking & Resolution

In the rare event of a possible dispute, Beesbeez will initiate the dispute investigation process that ensures that any discrepancies are fully resolved. We take care of the handling, review, investigation and resolution of disputes with the support of international verification companies.

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