Why sell in Beesbeez?

Beesbeez enables Mexican companies to access the Canadian, US, Central and South America markets through:


We put you in touch with thousands of businesses in the US, Canada, Central and South America.


Our specialists accompany you through the entire process of foreign trade through online and telephone consultancies.

Logistics Solutions

We offer you comprehensive transportation and customs services in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Central and South America.

Financial Solutions

Payments are secured once transactions are concluded successfully

Our platform offers:

Simple Negotiations


We work hand-in-hand with you to assure compliance with labeling, safety and your specific industry regulations. Take advantage of the benefits of T-MEC to be able to compete in the global economy.

Order Management

We provide a powerful order management tool where you can control everything from the initial quote with appropriate measurement conversions, to generating foreign trade compliant invoices.

Online Support

Our executives are here for you. Chat with us, call us o send us a message

Secure Payments

Payment Guarantee

Payments are guaranteed through the support of international financial institutions As soon as the agreed conditions are met, the funds are released.

Logistics Services

  • LCL consolidated cargo
  • FCL full container

Our professional network of suppliers will accompany you throughout the process and will always offer you the best solution

We have brokers and customs agents at your disposal

Multilanguage Communication

Simultaneous Translation

Communications are translated simultaneously.
Cross language barriers and complete negotiations more easily.

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